Our Brand

The tREv Clothing® symbol is an acronym that stands for: trust, Respect, Education, and value. We use these key principles to inspire success by embodying our message through fashion and accessories.


Using the tREv accroynm as guiding principles for life:

"trust yourself 

Respect yourself

Educate yourself

value yourself and others"

We believe each of these principles must be practiced towards ourselves and others to ensure success. The tREv brand exemplifies universalness, inclusion and is a badge of growth and love.

The tREv brand was founded by Trevor Silver in 2017. With a passion for design and an affinity to inspire he utilized his creative skills to develop a fashion brand that could channel both.

The principles we promote have been instilled in our founder Trevor since he was young. Both of his Grandfather's were persevering entrepreneurs that through their actions taught him what it takes to pursue a dream. While attending Dalhousie's Schulich School of Law pursing what he thought was his calling he came up with the "Balance Success" design that started it all. The design incorporates the scales of justice and represents the work/life balance that so many of us strive for and when we find it things just seem to flow. This same flow is what Trevor found when he decided to drop out of law school to pursue his true passion.