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tREv Black History: Vol. 4 - Hoodie

tREv Black History: Vol. 4 - Hoodie

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tREv BLACK History: Vol. 4 - Limited Edition Collaboration with Letitia Fraser

Celebrate the legacy and impact of African descent figures with the tREv BLACK History: Vol. 4 collection. This annual release, following the success of our original series, is another unique collaboration with the talented local artist, Letitia Fraser.

About the Collection:

Each year, we partner with a different Black artist to bring to life artwork that honours prominent figures from both local and international contexts. This year, Letitia Fraser lends her creative vision, illustrating icons such as Kyrie Irving, Burnley "Rocky" Jones, Sherry Borden-Colley, Nipsey Hussle, and many more.

Limited-Time Merchandise:

  • Hoodies: $80 (Pre-order price)

  • T-Shirts: $40 (Pre-order price)

After Pre-Order Prices:

  • Hoodies: $100

  • T-Shirts: $50

Supporting Local Black Students:
Proceeds from these limited-edition items will contribute to scholarships for local Black students, fostering education and opportunities.

Design and Graphics:

  • Illustrations by Letitia Fraser

  • Graphic Design by Samtrez Crawley

Featured Icons:

  • Kyrie Irving

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Sherri Borden-Colley

  • Nipsey Hussle

  • Andreas Robinson

  • Eddie Carvery

  • Louis Farrakhan

  • Michelle Obama

  • Frederick Douglass

  • Quenta Adams

  • Burnley “Rocky” Jones

  • Késa Munroe-Anderson

Important Details:

  • Limited Pre-Orders with a 20% discount during the Pre-Order window.

  • Note: Pre-Order t-shirts are expected to arrive by mid Feb while hoodies are expected to arrive mid-late February if no delays.
  • The final design may slightly differ from the mock-up.

  • All sales are final. No refunds for these items.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of art that celebrates history and supports the future. Pre-order now and be a part of something truly special!

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